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We bring Depth to beauty.

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Authors of The Positive Ageing Plan, our aesthetic programmes support wellbeing with an approach that goes far beyond skin deep. The result is feeling fresh, healthy, beautiful and comfortable in your own glorious skin.

We believe Beauty is more than skin deep.

Healthy, glowing skin. It’s what we all crave, right? At The FIRM, our mantra is to help our clients to become the best version of themselves, emboldened by the poise that comes with feeling and looking great.

We’re challenging the beauty industry, turning it on its head, starting with what it means to feel beautiful and how it affects our physical and mental wellbeing.

The Positive Ageing Ethos

This is where Dr Vicky Dondos’ Positive Ageing Pyramid [PAP] comes in. Our passionate belief in embracing ageing led us to develop this framework for holistic skin health. From active skincare, nutrition and gut health, hormonal imbalances, aesthetic treatments and much more; our expertise lies in the application of this unique approach to wellness and beauty. That’s why we’re experts in all aspects of the PAP. We believe in our Positive Ageing Ethos.

We are so passionate and knowledgeable about what we do, we’ve written a book about it! The Positive Ageing Plan is based on our philosophy that evidence-based ingredients and treatments as well as lifestyle choices (good food, movement etc) and hormone balance combine to give you your glow, at every age.

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Accolades & Press

Tatler’s finest … one of the most rigorous, skilled, clever and charming specialists out there.

Francesca White, Tatler Beauty Editor

She’s a woman’s woman, and understands as much about the psychology of what brings people to her clinic as she does about the practical aspects of her work.

Sarah Vine, Get The Gloss

A favourite amongst beauty editors.

Rosie Green, Stella Magazine

She is, in short, the Queen of Botox.

Imogen Edwards-Jones, Get the Gloss

A professional at tweaks that help you to look like the best version of you.


Who to see for the most natural look.

Harper’s Bazaar

I’ve seen all sorts of people about my face, but the person I keep going back to is Dr Vicky Dondos.

Annabel Meggesson, Beauty Director at Red Magazine